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New Themes: Spirit and Spun

By Caroline Moore

Happy Theme Thursday, all! Today I’m proud to introduce two new free themes to the theme family.


Spirit is a festive treat for your personal blog, complete with softly falling snow and a wintry color palette. Share past holiday memories or create a website to coordinate the next family Christmas party. Post formats allow you to highlight images, videos, quotes, and more, while the responsive design ensures your site looks great at any screen size.

Read more about Spirit on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your blog by going to Appearance → Themes.


Next up is Spun, a minimalist theme that puts the emphasis on your content; extraneous navigation fades away to put your words and images front and center. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, or personal blogger, Spun‘s beautiful typography and responsive design showcase your creativity with subtle elegance.

Read more about Spun on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your site under Appearance → Themes.

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Die Kraft der Selbstverantwortung – 02elf Düsseldorfer Abendblatt

Die Kraft der Selbstverantwortung
02elf Düsseldorfer Abendblatt
Die althergebrachte hawaiianisch-schamanische Heilungsmethode mit dem unaussprechlichen Namen “Ho”oponopono” setzt genau bei dieser Frage an. Denn sie geht davon aus, dass wir für alles, was in unserem Leben geschieht, die volle Verantwortung

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Publicize to Your Google+ Pages

By Justin Shreve

Back in September we announced some cool new ways to connect your site to your Google+ account. One major improvement was the ability to bring your and Google+ profiles closer together by sharing your content via Publicize.

Make your content visible on your Google+ Page

Today we’re happy to announce yet another way to integrate the two platforms. You can now use Publicize to share your content on your Google+ Page too!

While Google+ Profiles are used by individuals, Google+ Pages function as a space for organizations, companies, public figures, and other branded entities (for example: your blog!). You’d use your Google+ Profile to interact with friends and personal acquaintances; your Google+ Page would serve your public persona as a professional, business owner, artist, or blogger.

To get started, head over to your dashboard, then go to Settings → Sharing. When you’ve reached the Publicize screen, click the “Connect” button next to the Google+ logo. Once you’ve authenticated your account over at Google+, you’re set!

Choose between your Profile, your Pages, or both

It’s important to note that when you connect to Google+ and select an account authorized to manage Pages, you’ll have the option to select whether your content will be shared on your Ver artículo completo

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Transform Your Blog’s Look with Custom Fonts

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By Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Last month, Matt Wiebe announced a collection of new fonts for users with the Custom Design upgrade. In the past, we’ve highlighted blogs using fonts in creative, effective ways, so we wanted to dive into the pool of customized sites again to find more examples of fonts in the wild.


The fonts at Claire Sutton’s blog, things{we}make, are bold and strong, but readable and elegant as well. Claire didn’t want the typefaces to stand out too much. “I wanted the photos to lead the stories, so that the words are just a foil to them,” she says.

Her font choices complement the design of her custom header (above), created by Jacqui at Print for Love of Wood, a letterpress studio in the United Kingdom. “I asked Jacqui to print ‘Things We Make’ using some of her wooden letters, as I love their quality and texture,” says Claire. She chose this antique typeface:

With that design in place, Claire chose Museo Slab as the font for her headings, as it was the closest approximation to the slab serif font in her letterpress header. “I like its bold, clear, unfussy appearance,” says Claire. For the body text, she knew she wanted to contrast Museo Slab with a sans serif font. “Calluna Ver artículo completo

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Opinión: Perdón estilo hawaiano – Diario Metro de Puerto Rico

Diario Metro de Puerto Rico
Opinión: Perdón estilo hawaiano
Diario Metro de Puerto Rico
Ese día aprendí que “ho'oponopono” es el nombre de una milenaria técnica de perdón y reconciliación de la tradición espiritual hawaiana. Posteriormente, busqué la definición de la palabra y encontré que quiere decir “limpieza mental: conferencias

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Introducing the WP Photos App for Firefox OS

Thumbnail for 1084

By Eric

WP Photos is a nifty new photoblogging app for Firefox OS that works with your or self-hosted WordPress blog.

Photo sharing made simple

WP Photos is a straightforward, no-nonsense photoblogging app that streamlines your photo sharing experience. Take a picture. Add a title, caption, tags, and a short message. Then, upload it to your blog. It’s as simple as that!

What is Firefox OS?

Created by Mozilla, the makers of the Firefox web browser, Firefox OS is an operating system that debuted earlier this year and powers smartphones in thirteen countries across Europe, Latin America, and South America — and more to come. Firefox OS is similar to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems, but one notable thing setting it apart is its reliance on Open Web Standards instead of proprietary technologies.

Download the app now

WP Photos is currently featured in the Firefox Marketplace. If you have a Firefox OS phone, we encourage you to download the app for free. We’d love for you to try it out, add photos to your blog, and tell us what you think. If you need assistance, please contact Support or send a note to

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Fuente: Introducing the WP Photos App for Firefox OS by the Numbers: the November Hot List

By Krista

Now that November’s NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) is a fond memory and your blogging habit is firmly entrenched, it’s time to take a peek back at November by the numbers on

Posts that grabbed your attention

In November, you wrote nearly 36 million posts and over 245 million words. Think about that: 245 million words. That’s about 4,000 250-page books. Your muses were on fire on November 21st, the most prolific day of the month, where together you wrote nearly 1.5 million posts.

Seth Adam Smith and Kim, his wife, on their wedding day.

One of those posts, Seth Adam Smith‘s Marriage Isn’t For You went viral, and has had over 26 million views to date.

The post has been widely publicized and featured on BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, Mail Online, Cosmopolitan, The Matt Walsh Blog, and, just to name some of the outlets that covered the post and its rise to fame.

Lest we forget

On November 11th, we marked Veteran’s Day in the United States and Armistice Day and Remembrance Day elsewhere around the world. A Pearl Harbor survivor’s “visit to the Navy,” recorded in A Sailor’s Dying Wish, is powerful. The story of Electrician’s Mate Second Class William Bud Ver artículo completo

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By Karol Arcique Otra alternativa para la producción de alimentos en climas fríos o extremos Una de las dificultades que tienen los lugares con climas fríos es el cultivo y producción de alimentos a la intemperie. En estas regiones es útil construir invernaderos que permitan el cultivo de hortalizas y vegetales con microclimas controlados para su desarrollo. Además, el […] Ver artículo completo

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50,000 Words Later: Farewell, NaNoWriMo 2013

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By Ben Huberman

A few days ago on this blog, Cheri took a look at this year’s successful National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), the month-long event during which bloggers write a new post every day. The end of November also signaled the finish line of the the granddaddy of all writing challenges, National Novel Writing Month.

This year, 311,575 writers set out to produce a 50,000-word novel in the course of a month. A healthy chunk of those word-marathoners also keep a blog or an author’s site here on In honor of their labor (and the insane amount of coffee they’ve consumed over the past 30 days), let’s take a look at some of their hard-earned wisdom from the fiction-writing trenches.

NaNoWriMo 2013 Winner Badge (courtesy of challenge winner words-pictures-music)

The thrill of sharing stories

NaNo projects come in all shades of the storytelling spectrum — from dark horror tales to uplifting narratives of redemption. The challenge brings together first-timers and published authors, teenagers and retirees, who form strong bonds over their shared, sleep-deprived writing slog. Jackie Dana — Happiness Engineer by day, speculative-fiction author by night — had this to say about NaNo’s sense of camaraderie, having just finished her first challenge with more than Ver artículo completo

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Celebrate the Season with this Year’s Holiday Theme and Desktop Background

Thumbnail for 1089

By Dave Whitley

It’s that time of the year again: every holiday season, we collaborate with wonderful artists to create a festive WordPress illustration. I recently had the pleasure to work with Jacqui Oakley on this year’s version. I think you’ll agree that this frosty, shimmering image is a perfect representation of the season.

Holiday Theme

Cheer was a big hit last year, so we decided to give y’all another seasonal theme that captures the holiday spirit. Automattic’s Caroline Moore has adapted Jacqui’s illustration into a new theme called Shine On, now available on

As you can see, it’s a winter wonderland of color, and makes terrific use of post formats to help you chronicle your holiday celebrations.

Shine On is a gleaming, colorful theme, a perfect tree topper for personal sites and blogs. Make yours sparkle with this festive theme, then share your holiday photos and stories with friends and family.

You can read more about Shine On on the theme showcase, or preview it on your blog by going to Appearance → Themes.


As always, we’ve also created some cheerful wallpapers to match, available in different sizes for your device of choice:

  • iPhone 4/4s
  • iPhone 5/5c/5s
  • iPad, Android devices
  • Desktop – Small (1280×720)
  • Desktop – Large (2560×1440)
  • Desktop – for Retina Displays (2880×1800)

Need help changing your wallpaper? Here are Ver artículo completo

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New Theme: Kiore Moana

By Michelle Langston

It’s the first Theme Thursday in December, and we have exciting news to share — Elmastudio has become one of our newest premium theme partners. We’ve been fans of their designs for a long time, and we’re thrilled to announce the launch of their debut theme on, Kiore Moana.

The Kiore Moana Theme

Kiore Moana is simply beautiful. Its airy, single-column design, clean typography, full-width featured images, and carefully crafted post-format icons make reading your blog a fun experience. Perhaps you have travel stories and photos to share, or memorable experiences to recount from your daily life. Or maybe you would like to start a tumblelog, complete with your favorite quotes, links, and short blog entries. Whatever your passion, it’s sure to look amazing with Kiore Moana.

As a single-column theme, Kiore Moana is designed to display posts without the distraction of a sidebar. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use widgets in this theme – Kiore Moana comes with a special page template that arranges widgets in a lovely one-column layout. This is a great place to display the three custom widgets that come with Kiore Moana: About, Social Links, and Featured Video. Of course, you can use any of Ver artículo completo

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Horóscopo de hoy, día jueves 05/12 – Analí

Horóscopo de hoy, día jueves 05/12
Si te sientes cómodo con la técnica, puedes preferir aplicarle Ho'oponopono y pensar para ti, dirigiéndote a la Divinidad: “Lo siento por lo que haya podido contribuir con que esto pase, por favor perdóname. Gracias, te amo.” Es esta una forma de

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Satellite made by UH students is rocketed into orbit –

Satellite made by UH students is rocketed into orbit
About 50 students from the UH-Manoa College of Engineering's Small Satellite Program have spent the past four years working on Ho'oponopono 2. NASA's Educational Launch of Nanosatellites ( ELaNa ) Program accepted a UH proposal to launch the

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Fuente: Satellite made by UH students is rocketed into orbit –


Awesome (and Free) Theme Options You Might Not Know About

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By Krista

Did you know, that of the 217 themes available on, 64 offer free options such as custom headers, colors schemes and palettes, and customizable layouts? There are plenty of ways to make your blog your own without spending any money. Here’s just a few ideas to prime your creative pump.

The color choice is yours

Eight themes, including Superhero, Writr, Spun, Panel, Zoren, Fontfolio, Twenty Thirteen, and Typo, offer free color palettes you can apply. Free color palettes are denoted by the “featured” flag across them in the Customizer. To activate a free color palette, go to Appearance → Customize. Here’s what Typo‘s free color palettes look like:

Click to view slideshow.

If you’d like to combine a free custom header and color options, check out Vintage Camera, which offers six free illustrated cameras for custom headers and the ability to choose any header and background you like.

Click to view slideshow.

Options, options options

If your theme has free theme options you’ll see the menu item Appearance → Theme Options in your dashboard’s navigation. Clicking on that menu item takes you to a screen showing the options for your theme. For example, here’s the Theme Options page for Oxygen. From here, you can modify the title Ver artículo completo

Fuente: Awesome (and Free) Theme Options You Might Not Know About


College designed CubeSat provides replacement for inoperable … – Space Ref (press release)

College designed CubeSat provides replacement for inoperable
Space Ref (press release)
After years of working together on the Ho'oponopono-2, University of Hawaii students and personnel from Vandenberg finally had the chance to see H-2 launch into space on board NASA's Minotaur I rocket on Nov. 19. The H-2 is a miniaturized satellite

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Fuente: College designed CubeSat provides replacement for inoperable … – Space Ref (press release)


Horóscopo de hoy, día miércoles 04/12 – Analí

Horóscopo de hoy, día miércoles 04/12
Si ya no están, puedes aplicar Ho'oponopono y hacerlo a través de la Divinidad: Lo siento por haber…, perdóname, gracias te amo. Habrá quienes quieran reconciliarse con la vida, entendiendo que todo lo que pasa es por algo y responde a una acción

y más Ver artículo completo

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30 Days, 30 Posts: Wrapping Up NaBloPoMo

Thumbnail for 1071

By Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Image by Jonathan Reyes (CC BY-NC 2.0)

For many of you, November was a blur: a crazy, beautiful, writing-filled blur. We encouraged users to participate in BlogHer’s National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) and post something every day in November.

Participants had a lot of fun this month: we discovered great posts in the NaBloPoMo tag page and enjoyed pieces like A Sign of Life‘s “A Rose By Any Other Label,” in which E. talks about labels and being an INFJ, as well as posts on Stuphblog, like “The Trauma Doesn’t End When the Abuse Does,” which was honest and emotional.

We also loved the variety of content — any type of post qualified as a post, from single photos to inspirational quotes to longform essays. The blogger at How Anxious penned a month’s worth of poetry, while Gwen at Little Growing Pains published a mix of poignant writing with nicely crafted scenes, like “Two Heartbeats.”

Finding support in others

The Daily Post is a community space for blogging tips and resources; there, we host weekly challenges and daily prompts year-round to get your creative juices flowing. In November, we were thrilled to see our users go further during this month-long challenge: banding together in creative, supportive ways.

Rara at Rarasaur rounded up a crew Ver artículo completo

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Improved Theme Preview, Widgets Management, and a Responsive Dashboard

Thumbnail for 1073

By Cheri Lucas Rowlands

We’ve launched a number of updates, from visual enhancements to handy admin tools, to improve your overall experience. Here’s a rundown of what’s new:

  • Improved theme preview: A sleeker preview and selection process for themes.
  • Add widgets with one click: An updated panel makes widget management a snap.
  • Refreshed dashboard: A cleaned-up and responsive dashboard area.
  • A more modern look: Introduced over the past several months, your under-the-hood look is simpler and more modern, and served up in eight color schemes.

Improved theme preview

A more visual experience: sleeker display and bigger theme screenshots.

In Appearance → Themes, you’ll find an enhanced theme preview and selection process — and a much more visual experience:

  • A sleek, fast-loading display of available themes to try out and activate.
  • Bigger and bolder theme screenshots, showing more of each theme’s details.
  • Options to customize your current theme (displayed at the top left) and preview and activate other themes.
  • Ability to click on a theme for a description and summary of features and quickly flip through theme description pages with navigation (left and right arrow) keys.

Add widgets with one click

The updated widgets screen makes it even easier to select and manage your widgets.

Select a widget, then add it to your blog with one click.

In Appearance → Widgets, you’ll find nifty changes that make it easier to manage Ver artículo completo

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By Ornella Sabrina La biodanza  (la danza de la vida) es la manera en que el  movimiento profundiza la conciencia de uno mismo,  para promover la integración personal, utilizando los sentimientos que la música provoca.  El canto, las danzas y las situaciones en grupos de encuentro, amplían las capacidades humanas de comunicación y mejoran las relaciones. El objetivo […] Ver artículo completo

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Five Easy Ways to Transform Your Blog for the Holidays

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By Ben Huberman

Your site is your home on the web. It only makes sense, then, to spruce it up for the holidays as you would your brick-and-mortar address. With the ideas we include here, you’ll be able to give your blog a festive look with just a few easy clicks.

Based on image by Krystian Olszanski (CC BY 2.0)

Make it snow!

It’s an annual holiday tradition: as of December 1st, you can have snow falling on your site! While the real stuff might be hard to deliver via The Interwebz, our special snow will fall gracefully down your screen wherever you are. To activate Holiday Snow, just follow these steps:

  • Go to your dashboard.
  • Navigate to Settings → General.
  • Check the box next to “Show falling snow on this blog.”
  • If you activated this feature last year, it’ll be on automatically this year, too. Whenever you’d like to deactivate the snow, you can make it stop on your personal settings page.

    Based on image by Sam Howzit (CC BY 2.0)

    Add a seasonal custom background

    Few features change the look of your blog more quickly and more radically than a custom background. Get some serious holiday cheer going with a reindeer pattern (ironic — or not!), a bright arrangement of Ver artículo completo

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    Un granjero británico construyó una casa con tan solo $250

    By Jaius “Yo solía pintar paisajes, ahora los hago.  Lo único que es necesario hacer es granja, y un poco de construcción.” Algo así nos dice Michael Buck, ex profesor de artes, en su blog personal, inspirándonos a seguir su ejemplo. Este hombre pasó dos años de su vida recolectando materiales desechados y naturales de […] Ver artículo completo

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    Black Friday Special: Try All Our Upgrades for Free

    By Ran

    This year’s Black Friday special on is our biggest yet. Today you can add any upgrade to your blog for a free 14-day trial.

    The special sale covers all of Friday, November 29, for all US time zones. Sale started midnight today, and ends on 12:00AM PST on Saturday, November 30.

    A free trial with no strings attached is a great way to get to know our different upgrade plans:

    • Premium ($99 yearly), includes all our blog upgrades: more design customizations, video uploads, more space — and no ads.
    • Business ($299 yearly), includes everything that Premium offers, as well as unlimited access to all our premium themes, unlimited storage space, and real-time live chat support — right from the dashboard.
    • Enterprise ($500 monthly), includes everything offered by the other plans, as well as access to more than 100 plugins to customize your branding, better track your audience, integrate with social media services, and more.

    Go to Store in your dashboard to see all our plans and other upgrades, and try them out for free.

    For technical reasons, domain upgrades are not included in this offer. If the upgrade plan you’re trying out includes a custom domain credit, like Premium or Ver artículo completo

    Fuente: Black Friday Special: Try All Our Upgrades for Free


    Consejos para hacer fiestas infantiles saludables

    By Lucila Benito Snacks, torta, golosinas, gaseosas. Por lo general, las fiestas de cumpleaños resultan ser una sobrecarga de azúcar y calorías para los niños. En estas ocasiones, se suele exceder ”las calorías normales de un almuerzo más una cena juntos”, según explicó la nutricionista Ana Jufre en un artículo del diario Clarín. No se le puede pedir a […] Ver artículo completo

    Fuente: Consejos para hacer fiestas infantiles saludables


    All the Trimmings: Mouthwatering Food Blogs on

    Thumbnail for 1046

    By Ben Huberman

    The holiday season is officially upon us: that special time of the year dedicated to friends, family, red-nosed reindeer, and—

    Who are we kidding? It’s all about food! Glorious, comforting, yummy food. As millions of Americans are busy preparing for tomorrow’s turkey/turducken/tofurkey feasts, the food scene on is equally abuzz with recipes, food stories, and pictures that will make you drool over your screen. Here are some of our favorite food blogs — better not continue on an empty stomach…

    Eating with your eyes

    Double-crust apple pie by cookinandshootin

    A picture is sometimes worth a thousand bites, and many food bloggers take their images seriously, pushing food photography to a whole new level. On cookinandshootin, for example, bloggers Tara Striano and Maria del Mar accompany the detailed recipes with crisp, bright photos. They make great use of Anthem‘s full-width content display to make the pictures pop.

    Honey scones recipe from Illustrated Bites

    Others follow suit: in Lattes and Leggings, New York-based blogger Jen presents her healthy preparations with photos that channel each season’s distinct textures and colors. Across the continent, in Los Angeles, former baker Paula Parsons showcases her delicious-looking creations on Love + Cupcakes, where well-lit food and elegant typography makes for an irresistible mix.

    Taking a Ver artículo completo

    Fuente: All the Trimmings: Mouthwatering Food Blogs on


    CAPE-2 Text-to-Speech heard in Japan – Southgate Amateur Radio Club

    CAPE-2 Text-to-Speech heard in Japan
    Southgate Amateur Radio Club
    Of the CubeSats, 11 were provided by NASA LSP's ELaNa 4 mission: CAPE-2, ChargerSat-1, COPPER, DragonSat, Ho'oponopono-2, KySat-2, PhoneSat, SwampSat, TJ3Sat, Trailblazer-1, Vermont Lunar CubeSat. Video taken from U-80, approximately 3.5

    Ver artículo completo

    Fuente: CAPE-2 Text-to-Speech heard in Japan – Southgate Amateur Radio Club


    El pueblo más ‘comestible’ del mundo

    By La Bioguia Cuando llega la hora de la cosecha, todo el mundo puede servirse gratis. Esta revolución hortícola y comunitaria tiene un nombre: Incredible Edible (Increíble Comestible). En Todmorden, Gran Bretaña, los vecinos plantan verduras, hierbas y árboles frutales en 70 espacios públicos. Cuando llega la hora de la cosecha, todo el mundo puede servirse gratis. Esta […] Ver artículo completo

    Fuente: El pueblo más ‘comestible’ del mundo


    Handwritten Stories in a Digital Age: and More

    Thumbnail for 1049

    By Cheri Lucas Rowlands

    In our digital age, we interact with new technologies each day, yet some of us also pine for the past: we cherish handwritten things and value — even fetishize — physical objects. Posts like “Diaries and Connections to the Past” and “Found Objects and Books” reveal a collective nostalgia.

    Consider a diary hidden in a shoebox. Postcards from your best friend, traveling around the world. Or a stack of letters from a secret lover. We view messages crafted by hand as more personal and meaningful — check out Cristina Vanko’s handwritten texts as modern-day snail mail. Words from our pens stand the test of time, and are viewed as more intimate — and meant to be shared and carefully considered by you, the reader.

    PostSecret: Now on

    We’re happy to announce that PostSecret, founded by Frank Warren, has made its home on as one of our newest VIP sites. A popular online community art project for many years, PostSecret is an outlet through which people anonymously mail in their secrets via postcard. It’s the largest ad-free blog in the world — and a perfect example of our appreciation and fascination for handwritten forms of communication.

    Secrets are preserved in their analog glory, further creating a sense of intimacy:

    Image via Ver artículo completo

    Fuente: Handwritten Stories in a Digital Age: and More


    Emprendedor africano construye molinos eólicos con chatarra

    By La Bioguia William Kamkwamba era uno más entre los millones de niños pobres que viven en Malawi, uno de los países más necesitados de África. “Antes de descubrir las maravillas de la ciencia yo era un simple granjero en un país de granjeros pobres, pero aquel año nuestra suerte se oscureció”, relata William. En 2001, una hambruna dramática asoló […] Ver artículo completo

    Fuente: Emprendedor africano construye molinos eólicos con chatarra


    Digging In the Dashboard, Part III: Features for Images

    By Elizabeth

    So far in our series of lesser-known features, we’ve discussed handy editing tools and neat ways to split up longer posts. This time, let’s leave text behind and talk about three image presentation tools you might have missed.

    If you’ve been blogging at, you’ve likely figured out how to upload and edit images in your posts. You might have also played around with all of the various gallery options.

    But there are some additional image-related features to discover.

    Featured Images

    Among the modules below your dashboard editor, there’s an unassuming Featured Image option:

    Try clicking “Set featured image” and uploading an image (or choosing one of your existing images). It’s likely that you won’t see this image in your post itself, but different themes display featured images in different ways. For example, here I’ve added a featured image of a bridge:

    With the Twenty Eleven theme, this image is then used as a special header image on the single post page for that post:

    In the Visual theme, it’s shown above the post on the homepage:

    And in Forever (if you also mark the post as sticky) it appears in the homepage slider:

    It’s important to note that some themes don’t use featured images in any obvious way, but Ver artículo completo

    Fuente: Digging In the Dashboard, Part III: Features for Images


    Joe Vitale Shares The Final Secrets to "Zero Limits" and The Quest … – Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release)

    Joe Vitale Shares The Final Secrets to "Zero Limits" and The Quest
    Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release)
    It was the first book to explain how a secret Hawaiian method called Ho'oponopono can help people experience health, wealth, happiness, and more. It empowered thousands of readers to take control of everything in their lives in order to achieve all

    y más Ver artículo completo

    Fuente: Joe Vitale Shares The Final Secrets to "Zero Limits" and The Quest … – Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release)


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